6 Winter Marketing Ideas to Help Spur Sales This Season and Next

winter-marketing-ideas Let’s face it; most of us are over winter pretty quickly — the rain, the cold and the inclement weather often has us dreaming of a warmer day, tired of the same old thing and ready for a change.

That’s why, as a business owner, your winter marketing ideas must meet at the crossroads of your ideal customers and clients needs: Put yourself in their shoes (or rain or snow boots, depending on where they live) and think about what your ideal client is thinking about right now – their problems, issues and frustrations – and how you can make their life positive or better.

Here are some winter marketing ideas you might want to consider, remembering to always customize for your specific customer or client.

1) Play on the positives of winter.

Many of us like to be “cozy” and “hibernate,” so promote products or services that pamper and promote indoor relaxation. Some products lend themselves more easily to this theme, say, if you sell candles or warm throws, but any product can be promoted as a winter staple, whether it’s a kitchen gadget that helps you create comfort food or a board game that will be fun to play around a crackling fire. If you have a more active clientele, you can promote ways to have fun outdoors in the winter by bundling up and going for a walk or having an outdoor fire and s’mores roasting.

2) Use positive winter images in your social media.

Forget the dreary rain outside. Make sure you spark a positive feeling in your followers by focusing on the warmth of the fireplace, the bright white of a snowy day or the joy of looking forward to that first bud of spring.

3) Make a big deal of winter holidays.

Once December and the fun of the New Year have passed, it’s easy to get caught up in winter doldrums. Create excitement around buying opportunities with your ideal client by focusing on winter holidays, big and little: from MLK Day to Valentine’s Day with special promotions and hash tags on social media.

4) Find something new to celebrate.

Every day seems to have a “designation” whether it’s National Pizza Day or Get a New Name Day. Delight your customers by sharing some of the wackier ones — you can find some samples here — and then create promotions around them. For example, on “Be Humble” day ask them to share their favorite “humblebrag.” Get creative!

5) Create contests.

Ask your customers and followers share a story or photo of their favorite thing about winter, or their favorite winter memory so far. By building a community and creating camaraderie, you can establish goodwill around your brand. To help boost attention and spur participation, designate a new contest each week, either focused on a short story or picture that your audience can submit. The entries are another way to ensure you always have fresh content when they fill your feed and you highlight the ones you like best. It also creates another important touch point with your followers and potential customers. Note: always make sure you review and follow the most recent guidelines for a contest on each particular platform you are using.

6) Special Seasonal Offer

Who doesn’t love an special offer? Create a special seasonal offer and/or promotion. In the dead of winter, you could create a summer-themed promotion for fun like an annual “Summer Dreamin’ in Winter” bundle. You could highlight best sellers this winter, or you could hold a pre-sale on items that you expect to be popular for spring. The choice about what to promote and create excitement around is yours. Use timely email subject lines to draw your readers in — phrases like “last chance” and “for our subscribers- today only!” can invite them to open your message.

Provide a sneak peek to spring.

If you have new lines or products coming out, help build excitement by giving a sneak peek. Just like the first bud of a bulb you planted last fall heralds the beginning of spring, you can help create that anticipation by showcasing new items you might have coming out, or old favorites that are returning. Offer an exclusive discount to those who pre-order.

The goal of these winter marketing ideas? To help embrace the season we are in and to help your ideal customer deal with the lethargy they may be feeling by sparking warm feelings about winter, while acknowledging the anticipation of the coming spring.

Looking for help with winter marketing ideas? Need to put together a new marketing plan or campaign to jumpstart your sales this season or next? Just email me today at laura@webnavigatorgal.com  and tell me a bit about your business goals. Or call me today at 1-858-859-1411 and either myself or one of my team experts will get back to you asap. Look forward to learning more about your business. Til then, Laura.


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