Top Twitter Tips and How to Get Retweeted

Be sweet! Retweet! That should be the mantra of every Twitter user hoping to strengthen relationships with your followers. Retweeting is like a pat on the back, and who doesn’t like those? Also, Twitter is so cool because it will send a note to the person whom you have retweeted – which is especially satisfying because they make it sound … Read More

Is the Twitter Advertising Platform Right for Your Business?

Are you using Twitter for business for its best use: engaging your customers and prospects through connecting in real time? The informal vibe gives you the perfect forum for high-touch interaction and relationship building. A clever and strategic use of key words combined with links, images, and even videos will engage your audience even more. But sometimes your list of … Read More

How to Use Twitter Chats to Promote Your Small Business

Of all the social media, Twitter is most definitely the most social for encouraging interaction – especially with people you might not yet know! And while there are many benefits to using Twitter for online marketing, the Twitter Chat is one of the best. Following are some tips for making the most of Twitter Chat to build your small business. … Read More

How to Use Hashtags for Business Success

#Pound? #Number? #Hashtag? This little symbol is a multi-tasking fella, filling a variety of roles. But if you’re talking social media, you know it as the “hashtag.” First, let me give you a brief primer on what the hashtag is. Use the pound symbol before any word (with no space) that you want to loop to an existing conversation. For … Read More

The Bird is the Word: 5 Tweet-a-riffic ways to Own the Twitter-verse

You’re all a-twitter! Maybe you have finally joined the social media site, or maybe you’ve had an account for a while but haven’t been able to cultivate an impressive following yet. Don’t despair. Read on for ways to increase your Twitter engagement. 1. Tweak your profile. We talk a lot about social media profiles, but there’s a reason. Your profile … Read More

Hootsuite Social Media Tips that Save You Time and Boost Your Business

When social media plays a critical role in communicating with existing and potential customers the amount of time it takes up in your day and week can be significant. Without question, the Hootsuite social media platform can help remedy the amount of time it takes to manage all of your major social media networks. Hootsuite allows you to do many … Read More