How to Promote Your Business on Pinterest Successfully

Trying to figure out how to promote your business on Pinterest successfully? For quite awhile I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to move all of those Pinterest users to my site and in front of my services. Then I discovered a simple 7 step system to create a steady stream of people heading over directly … Read More

7 Hacks that Help Your Pinterest for Business Marketing Shine

Pinterest for business marketing has morphed into being much more than a DIY paradise in recent years. Rather it’s become a gallery for inspiring consumers to not only envision their dreams, but save their ideas for future projects when they are ready and excited to buy your products and services. That’s why Pinterest is an ideal forum for lifestyle businesses … Read More

How to Promote on Pinterest – Don’t Get Left Behind.

Can you believe Pinterest is only five years old? Learning how to promote on Pinterest should be such an integral part of most business plans today that it’s hard to imagine a time it wasn’t a key part of our marketing arsenal. As Pinterest continues to grow, it’s impossible to overstate what a huge opportunity for sales it represents. Because … Read More

5 Pinterest Social Media Marketing Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

There’s no question that Pinterest social media marketing is creating incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs – especially if you are selling the right lifestyle product online. Check out these incredible recent stats: Pinterest now has seventy million users who generate 2.5 billion monthly page views. And these visitors are not just browsing: they’re buying. Pinterest now generates over 400 percent more revenue per … Read More

Pinterest Marketing Tool Tips to Boost Your Business

Are you pinning and pinning but don’t feel like you’re winning? Most small business entrepreneurs I work with have a presence on Pinterest, but they’re often frustrated because they can’t find a decent Pinterest marketing tool to help simplify their marketing efforts. There’s no doubt that a successful Pinterest presence can drive sales, but finding the best resources to help … Read More

Social Media Network Marketing Pinterest Style

The holidays are approaching, and there’s no better time to take advantage of social media network marketing Pinterest style. We all know that Pinterest is where lookers turn into buyers – the medium has exploded even since last season. A recent Forbes article shared how even though Pinterest isn’t even five years old, it is already more popular than Twitter … Read More

How to Use Pinterest for Small Business Success

Images continue to rule the web. One key image-driven platform for entrepreneurs continues to be Pinterest. So let’s go over some key tactics on how to use Pinterest for small business. I love stats, so I thought I’d share a few with you from MarketingLand on this marketing powerhouse: The two largest age brackets of Pinterest users are 35-49 year olds … Read More

How to Sell on Pinterest: 10 Shortcuts to Success

It’s no secret that Pinterest is the “place to be.” The numbers just keep climbing: Recent research reported that there are now 30 billion pins on Pinterest, with 750 million pinboards. But I find so many entrepreneurs think that it’s just a place to create brand awareness. The truth is that small businesses can benefit from great traffic towards their … Read More

Get Pinterest Analytics to Boost Your Business!

This may shock you – but Pinterest just got better! Hard to believe, given the incredible marketing powerhouse it already is, but get Pinterest analytics and you’ll be blown away by the new improvements the company just announced. These analytics offer an incredible amount of data on who your core influencers and most-avid pinners are. The new system breaks the … Read More

How Can Pinterest Help My Business? Key Tips You Need to Know

“How can Pinterest help my business?” I often get this question from business owners via email and while speaking at business networking events.  And my answer to most entrepreneurs is “Yes” Pinterest can help you increase traffic, leads and sales, but you need a clear and strategic Pinterest marketing plan tailored to your business. And one of the most valuable missing ingredients businesses … Read More

Why Pinterest is Good for Business

By now most small business owners realize that Pinterest is so much more than collecting recipes and planning parties, but aren’t quite sure if it is worth exploring for their own business. With so many social media marketing channels, out there, it’s often difficult to know which platform is going to actually show any real results for a particular product … Read More

Using Pinterest Business Marketing the Right Way

  When I begin working with a new client, they often come to me making the same mistakes when using Pinterest to grow their business. In the 5 tips below, I am going to cover how to avoid these same mistakes when using Pinterest business marketing so you can beat the learning curve and your competition. Assuming that Pinterest is only … Read More

The Shocking Truth About Pinterest Marketing

If you’re not doing it, you are missing out on the most lucrative channel in social media today. And THAT is the shocking truth about Pinterest marketing – and why you need to focus on it now! I hear all the time that Facebook is one of the best places to market, because there are so many more eyeballs. You … Read More

Pinterest Drives Sales: The Art of Pinjacking

Pinterest drives sales. But you need a strategy when you hop on or you will fall to the bottom of all those scrolling images without hearing one cash register ring or one PayPal ping. In business, imitation is not always the best form of flattery. But, in using Pinterest to drive business, “sharing” from thought leaders can help take your … Read More

Pinterest Marketing Strategy: 3 Key Tips

We all know that Pinterest can drive sales, but how exactly does this take place? Sometimes Pinterest can be so fun that we forget we have to have a solid business case for using this fast-growing and lucrative social network. I recently read an excellent post on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network that distilled best practices from a larger … Read More