What is LinkedIn and How Does it Work

What is LinkedIn and how does it work? Most small businesses and entrepreneurs I know are always looking for ways to connect with others who can help them – whether it’s providing advice, complementary services or even just camaraderie. One of the best places I’ve found to make those connections is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is like your neighborhood networking group – … Read More

What are LinkedIn Sponsored Updates? Can They Help Me Market My Business Online?

What are LinkedIn sponsored updates? Well they’re much more than just purchasing ad space. Sponsored updates focus on individuals as well as industries. So, for example,  if you’re in the hotel and hospitality industry, you can target wedding planners to make sure they see your articles about event facilities, and target travel agents so they will see your posts on … Read More

How to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

Looking for ways on how to promote your business on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is continually making updates to help professionals build their business and find new clients on the professional networking site. Among the new improvements is an update to the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” page. This handy page shows, well, “Who’s viewed your profile!” If you have a basic (read: … Read More

LinkedIn Ads: A Targeted Way to Reach Your Coveted Prospects Online

The web overflows with opportunities for advertising, but how do you know that your real target audience – and not the LOL Cat crowd — is seeing them? And furthermore, how do you know that anyone is responding? The answer, in most cases, is that you don’t. However, I have recently been exploring LinkedIn ads, and have been really impressed … Read More

Link up with LinkedIn: 6 Steps to Really Connecting

You’ve joined LinkedIn. You’ve got your profile all polished. You’ve connected with your current and past colleagues and clients. Now, how do you up your LinkedIn game and really make the most of the opportunities presented by the millions of professionals who are also members? Read on for some LinkedIn networking tips to build your connections…build your circle…and build your business. 1. … Read More

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Business

Most professionals are on the LinkedIn website, which is the online version of a professional networking event. The benefit, of course, is that you are “linking” to people in all industries and all over the world…an excellent way to expand your professional circle through connections. But unfortunately, many people don’t optimize their LinkedIn profile to the fullest extent possible.  Having … Read More

3 Key Brand Management Strategies You Need to Know

In today’s wired world, career success is often found online. The New York Times recently ran an article on sprucing up your online presence when job hunting. But, really, aren’t we all always job hunting? You might not be seeking that full time, permanent post that one associates with the phrase, but whether you’re hunting for clients or projects, make … Read More