Houzz Marketing Strategy: Is it right for your business?

Heard the buzz about Houzz? Wondering what exactly your Houzz marketing strategy should be? Should you be investing time and effort on Houzz? If you’re already on Houzz and have invested a fairly substantial amount of your marketing budget into Houzz advertising, why aren’t you getting the leads you had hoped for? What are the reasons others are making a Houzz marketing … Read More

Six Ways Houzz SEO Can Make Your Sales Skyrocket

I’m a huge fan of Houzz for creating a steady stream of ideal clients for most any home design focused professional. And there’s no question that Houzz is one of the most innovative and increasingly powerful search platforms out there. Its awesome search functionality is getting more and more robust every day. And with these search capabilities, if you optimize your … Read More

Advertising on Houzz, is it worth it?

Advertising on Houzz is the big question I get often from clients. They wonder if the one year commitment is even worth it? The average user on Houzz takes anywhere from 6 to 8 months – and some up to a year – to make a decision on whether to hire a home design focused service professional. Now with the new marketplace option, … Read More

How to Sell Products on Houzz: Your Secret Weapon

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Sell with Houzz: Supercharge Your Business

Looking for a new way to get your home-design related products in front of your ideal customers? Between Pinterest and Facebook, you might feel like you have the market covered, but more and more I am steering my home design clients to focus their marketing efforts on how they can sell with Houzz. The reason is clear. They have launched their Marketplace, … Read More

Interior Design Marketing Ideas to Build Your Business

Whether you’re an interior designer focusing on modern, traditional or anything in between, here are six proven interior design marketing ideas that will introduce your business to your dream home design clients not only locally, but even nationally and internationally. Set up house on Houzz. My faithful readers know what a huge fan I am of Houzz. This is THE … Read More

Marketing on Houzz the Right Way

The market continues to expand for both home design professionals and businesses with home design products — and to stay in front of your competition you must have a plan and a focus marketing on Houzz the right way. Here are five reasons why I recommend every home design professional with either a service or a product create a robust presence on Houzz: Houzz … Read More

A Houzz Marketing Plan is Your #1 Competitive Edge as a Home Industry Professional

Houzz is growing like a house on fire! And many home industry professionals and home product designer aren’t even aware how rapidly this online platform is growing and how powerful a tool it can be to increase their business. And this can be YOUR competitive edge. A customized Houzz marketing plan can connect you with your ideal audience of homeowners looking exactly … Read More

Houzz for Business Success Checklist

Houzz is the “Pinterest” for interior design inspiration and home remodeling. It is quickly becoming the go-to social media platform for homeowners, decorators, contractors and other like-minded professionals. Now, you are probably thinking to yourself, “What?!? Another social network!”. However, before you make any quick judgments, take a second to explore the opportunities available for brands on this new fast … Read More

Steal These Six Hot Houzz Marketing Tips

By now you may know that Houzz is the place to be for interior designers, but it is so much more. Houzz is a terrific platform for almost any home industry professional. It can seem intimidating with so many gorgeous rooms splashed on the site to know where to start to showcase your talent. But if you are an interior designer, … Read More

Interior Design Marketing Tips: Don’t forget Houzz!

Interior design marketing is never-ending, isn’t it?! You do amazing work for a client, but then they are done for a while and you need to find your next job. While referrals are the best, you always have to be actively marketing to find that next ideal client. That’s one of the reasons I love Houzz. As a homeowner and marketer, … Read More