My Favorite Free Keyword Generator Tool for Finding Keyword Gold

  If you’re looking for a free keyword generator, you can always use the Google Keyword Planner.  But, if you want another option that provides many of the features paid tools do, my pick hands down is Jaaxy with its 30 searches for free offer. I now subscribe because I spend a big part of my day on keyword research, … Read More

How to Get on the First Page of Google

New clients frequently ask me how to get on the first page of Google. A perfect example is my dry cleaner.  He spent a small fortune every month with an SEO “specialist” who kept telling him to be patient when he said he didn’t seem to be getting any more customers or calls to his business. I asked him what … Read More

Seven Key Tips on How to Increase Website Sales

For many entrepreneurs, their website IS their store, the ideal place to showcase their products – and services. But with so many potential competitors clamoring for the same customers, it’s important to focus on how to increase website sales. Here are seven top tips for getting noticed in the crowded worldwide marketplace. 1) Make sure you know who your ideal … Read More

How to Use Hashtags for Business Success

#Pound? #Number? #Hashtag? This little symbol is a multi-tasking fella, filling a variety of roles. But if you’re talking social media, you know it as the “hashtag.” First, let me give you a brief primer on what the hashtag is. Use the pound symbol before any word (with no space) that you want to loop to an existing conversation. For … Read More

5 Things You Should Know About Google+

Remember the days when you had only heard of Facebook in passing and Twitter was just a big mystery? In my research these past few months, I now believe the mystery behind Google+ is quickly disappearing.  2013 will be the tipping point where marketers realize its full potential and how incredibly valuable a tool it can be in maximizing your … Read More

5 Tips on How to Avoid Google Penalties

You may have recently heard a lot of buzz around Google’s recent updates. These updates are to further their efforts in eliminating low quality content from appearing in their search rankings. And as with many of Google’s updates, they could significantly change page ranking for some sites- even yours.  Now it’s more important than ever to familiarize yourself with Google’s … Read More

How to Optimize Your Website With SEO

Looking for help on how to optimize your website with SEO? Let’s start out with explaining what “SEO” stands for.  SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization.” Which means optimizing your website so the search engines can better find your and your business. Sounds good, right? Every business owner wants to be found easily by their prospects and clients. … Read More

5 Quick Tips for Understanding Google Analytics

Understanding Google Analytics can seem a bit overwhelming. It offers so much information, but sometimes with all of that information it is difficult to know where to start. Here are a few of the key metrics you should be looking for: Visits This will show you how many different times people have come to your website within a certain time … Read More