10 Questions You MUST Ask Before Posting on Your Facebook Business Page

Okay, here there are: “The Top 10 Questions You MUST Ask Before Posting on Your Facebook Business Page.” Do you find that your fans are seeing less and less of your content? It’s not your imagination! You have to fight harder for that news feed screen space than ever before! So it’s vital that your content be better than ever…because … Read More

Facebook Marketing Tool Myths and Tips

  Have you been questioning whether Facebook marketing tool myths exist? Can you no longer expect your posts to be seen in people’s news feeds? The truth is that it IS getting MUCH harder to be seen in the news feed, because Facebook’s algorithm has changed. They decided that people want to be on Facebook to see pictures of kids … Read More

Six Proven Ways to Increase Likes on Facebook

  Facebook’s algorithm is changing all the time, and the newest change has made it that much harder for businesses to get a “free ride” in their coveted News Feeds. But, with a sound strategy that encompasses awesome content as well as advertising, you will be a step ahead of everyone else. Here are some more tips to help you … Read More

Three Little Secrets to Get Likes for Facebook the Right Way!

Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm, and small businesses are increasingly discovering that organic appearance among their fans is falling. But there are ways to get more likes on Facebook. The KEY is to get likes for Facebook from your ideal clients and customers… not just any “likes.” Facebook is open about this changing algorithm. As it has said, “As … Read More

Do You Know How to Use Facebook for Business?

Like most small business people, I bet you have an awesome Facebook page that you tend carefully – sharing photos relevant to your products and services, articles about trends and business updates. But have you noticed that engagement seems to have gone down lately, despite your best efforts? There are new rules on how to use Facebook for business, and … Read More

Facebook Ads Manager Vs Power Editor: Review

Facebook Ads Manager vs Power Editor. You keep hearing these two terms coming up in Facebook marketing posts and discussions.  But what are the differences? What are the pros and cons of using each of these Facebook advertising platforms? Since Facebook’s IPO, it seems the organic engagement you used to get with your Facebook business page is disappearing very quickly … Read More

The Benefits of Facebook for Business Keep Growing

It’s easy for stretched entrepreneurs to view their business social media strategy as one more thing on their plate – another “to do.” And they often wonder if their social media strategy is actually improving their business. As an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to be bottom line focused. But there are ways that you can better use Facebook’s tools to make … Read More

Boost Social Sales With a Facebook Ecommerce Store

Facebook ecommerce stores make social shopping possible.  And my guess is that it won’t be long before integrating an ecommerce store will be the norm for retailer fan pages. Why do I think so? Because, the typical flow of a shopping experience has changed with the rising interest and participation in social media. Social Shopping Then and Now Here’s how … Read More

How to Use Facebook for Business

Using Facebook for business is a proven way to engage your customers; to share information on yourself, your product/service or industry and – ideally – to increase sales. (If you want more information on why, see my recent post: Why You Need to Create a Facebook Page. But once it’s up, and you’re staying busy posting frequently (right? No one … Read More

Facebook Business Page Tips: Mistakes You Want to Avoid

You, yes, you, need to create a Facebook business page. Not one that has pictures of your kids, vacations and animals, but one that has information on your business…whatever it may be. Facebook business pages are included in search results from Google and other engines, so they are a great way to promote your business and direct potential customers to … Read More

How to Use Facebook Ads for Small Business

The cost of print, magazine or even many online advertising options can be so prohibitively high that many small businesses can’t afford them. However, Facebook ads are not only inexpensive, they are extremely effective advertising mechanisms. Here are 5 things to know about how to use Facebook ads to drive brand recognition and revenue for small businesses. 1.      Make sure you … Read More

Should Facebook know what you’re eating? And how you feel about it?

  Oh Facebook…you chameleon…..you Lady Gaga….you constant reinventor of yourself. Just when users, including online marketers, have adapted and finally stopped complaining about a change to the news feed, something new comes along. But changes have different levels of repercussions, ranging from the annoying to the sneaky. And the newest one registers high on our “sneaky scale.” The newest twist, being … Read More

Facebook Fan Page Tips in 3 Easy Steps

  “I’ll like you if you like me back!” It sounds like something you might hear on the playground in elementary school, but these days, you’re more likely to hear it in regards to Facebook. As a business owner, you need to be a little more strategic with your “likes” than as an individual so let’s go over a few … Read More

4 Very Impactful Social Media Tips for Small Business

The only thing consistent about social media is that it is constantly changing. In the odd moment when social media seems to stabilize… you turn your back, refresh your screen, repower your phone and… boom- it changes again. The way in which Google and other search engines interact with the social media landscape is ever-changing and will continue to do so. It … Read More