11 Email Subject Line Best Practices to Boost Open Rates

No one is immune from email fatigue, and yet, email remains one of the most popular ways to reach customers. In fact, almost half say they actually prefer marketing emails over other forms of communication. The key strategy for getting your email opened? Email subject line best practices! In fact, 35 percent depend on the subject line to decide if … Read More

How to Write a Pitch Letter- Get Media Coverage With These 7 Key Tips

There’s nothing quite like media coverage to lend immediate third-party credibility for your product. But figuring out how to write a pitch letter that editors respond to is something that often confuses many entrepreneurs. Let’s say you hear a certain editor is looking for cozy fall living room accessories for a gift guide or that they need samples of sun hats … Read More

How to Grow A Business Online – 6 Ways to Make Your Profits Bloom

How to Grow A Business Online – 6 Ways to Make Your Profits Bloom Whether you’ve got just a seed of an idea to grow a business online or are looking for fresh ways to increase your profits, it literally pays to take a look at different ways to expand your income. Here’s the thing, often entrepreneurs reach out to … Read More

10 Blogging Tips for Business that Lead to Results

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Small Business Growth Strategy: 10 Tips to Stay Competitive

It might seem that big business is overtaking the world, but the reality is that most customers would prefer to purchase a product or services from a small business. In a survey by Yodle, 82 percent of customers said they would prefer using local businesses over a big corporate brand. But even though many of your ideal clients and customers might … Read More

New Business Ideas for Women in the New Economy

It’s a great time to get a business off the ground because there is so much opportunity growing each and every day in this new economy. Check out these new business ideas for women (and men, too) that will allow you to find your perfect fit for the business where YOU can be successful offering a service that will help … Read More

Do you Share These Key Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs?

After talking with hundreds and hundreds of  entrepreneurs and small business owners over the years, I always notice their enthusiasm is both infectious and refreshing. I’ve also identified some key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs that I’d like to share that I believe are what make them successful. Here are my top five: They know their ideal client. Successful entrepreneurs don’t just say … Read More

Six Home Business Marketing Ideas You Can’t Afford to Miss

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How to Start a Business While Working

  Some of my favorite clients are women who are starting a business while they are working. You know what it’s like — these women juggle family life (which often includes kids), with their “day job,” housework, extended family obligations – the list goes on. But for many of them, the motivation to be their own boss is strong enough that … Read More

Guess What Stops Most Business Ideas for Women

So guess what stops most business ideas for women ? At least based on my experience working with many, many women who are exploring different business ideas. When I ask many women what is stopping them from starting a business idea, I often hear the same thing over and over. And you may guess it’s because they don’t have a … Read More

Five Amazing Small Business Ideas for Women

Are you someone who yearns to leave the rigor of the corporate world? Increasingly, women are realizing that they can have a successful and fulfilling career that allows them to work for themselves. I frequently consult with women who are enjoying being their own boss and the accompanying perks, which include a flexible schedule, autonomy, authority, self-satisfaction and confidence, not … Read More