Blogging for Your Business: How to Make it Happen

Need help blogging for your business? When you’re a busy business owner juggling a lot of hats, it’s tough to make time to add another marketing tactic onto the list. But, it’s actually one of the best ways to market your business and get consistent leads coming in online. In fact, it even has an updated name, “content marketing,” that … Read More

10 Blogging Tips for Business that Lead to Results

  Interested in blogging tips for business that lead to results? One of the fastest growing online marketing techniques for a results-focused business is a blog. The new buzzword for “blogs” is “content marketing.” And the buzz is that it works. But to see a return on your time, effort and investment you need to have a plan. Here are … Read More

Get Pinterest Analytics to Boost Your Business!

This may shock you – but Pinterest just got better! Hard to believe, given the incredible marketing powerhouse it already is, but get Pinterest analytics and you’ll be blown away by the new improvements the company just announced. These analytics offer an incredible amount of data on who your core influencers and most-avid pinners are. The new system breaks the … Read More

Content Marketing Strategy Demystified

Content marketing is all the buzz these days. But I’ve talked to lots of entrepreneurs who are still struggling with how to begin creating a content marketing strategy. Or wondering why they even need a content marketing plan. First a quick definition: content marketing is really just what you’ve been doing all along: blog posts, guest posting, newsletters, email marketing, etc. The term … Read More

My Favorite Free Keyword Generator Tool for Finding Keyword Gold

  If you’re looking for a free keyword generator, you can always use the Google Keyword Planner.  But, if you want another option that provides many of the features paid tools do, my pick hands down is Jaaxy with its 30 searches for free offer. I now subscribe because I spend a big part of my day on keyword research, … Read More

28 Marketing Ideas for Small Business – One for Every Day of the Month

  Make this the month you go all out on marketing! Each of these marketing ideas for small business is what I call a “bite size” task. So you can do more than one a day if you want, and if your schedule allows. As you work through the month – picking those marketing ideas for small business that work for you … Read More

Why Email Marketing Small Business Planning Is Alive and Well!

When you look at marketing predictions for this year, most of them involve social media. And social media is HUGE for growing your small business, no doubt about it. But guess what is still one of the best ways to market to your audience? Yep! Email marketing.  Email marketing is not dead! Sure there is more competition, but it is … Read More

The Power of Marketing Words that Sell

It’s an age old problem — with all the marketing message clutter out there, what are the marketing words that sell? As our potential customers are increasingly bombarded with messages — from emails to native advertising to blog posts and other content – we need to make sure each word shines to grab their attention, and then, even more importantly, … Read More

The Best Stock Photo Sites on the Web… Seriously!

A picture is worth a thousand words. This simple sentiment sums up one of the most powerful opportunities you have in your marketing arsenal, and I’d love to share what I find to be the best stock photo sites. Using the perfect photo in your blog or social marketing posts is one of the top ways to ensure that your … Read More

My Top Picks for Free Stock Photo Images

Need great images for your content? I always advocate including a high-quality image with your blog posts and social media efforts and have compiled a list of some of my favorite free stock photo sites. I’ve provided a little commentary on each, and also did a standard search for the same word — office — on each to see what … Read More

How to Market Your Business Online

Looking for helpful tips on how to market your business online? Setting up a website is a key part of getting your online enterprise established. Once you have your online calling card in place, your next step will be to start marketing your business online – just because you’ve built it, doesn’t mean they will come! You need to establish … Read More

How to Get More Traffic to My Blog: 3 Key Tips

“How to get more traffic to my blog. ”  When I ask clients what they need help with, this is one of the top responses I get… always. And I receive this reply from from business owners who seemingly have done everything right.  They have set up a self-hosted site. They blog consistently with good, quality content.  But they … Read More

Need SEO Help? | 10 Step Free SEO Checklist

Search engine optimization can be confusing.  A lot of people who need SEO help simply don’t know where to start. It’s discouraging when you search using words related to your topic and your site is nowhere to be found in the results.  What’s worse is the frustration you feel when you don’t know what to do about it. Maybe you’ve … Read More

What is Jaaxy? Keyword Search Tool Review

Besides being the tool with the funny name, what is Jaaxy? Officially it’s classified as a keyword research tool.  But that description really doesn’t do it justice. Jaaxy is a comprehensive keyword research tool, but it does so much more. You can find domains, analyze the competition, and even determine how your web pages rank for certain keywords. Having all … Read More

The Surprisingly Easy Tool to Find Keywords for SEO

8 Reasons Why I Can’t Live Without the Jaaxy Keyword Tool for My SEO Research Researching keywords for SEO can be a serious pain for one major reason. There are no set rules for what a good keyword really is. Some say at least 1000 people should be searching with the term. Others say as little as 100 is enough. … Read More