Top Twitter Tips and How to Get Retweeted

Retweeting Tips Be sweet! Retweet! That should be the mantra of every Twitter user hoping to strengthen relationships with your followers.

Retweeting is like a pat on the back, and who doesn’t like those? Also, Twitter is so cool because it will send a note to the person whom you have retweeted – which is especially satisfying because they make it sound so EXCITING with a breathless email: “@so and so retweeted your tweet!”

It’s a great way to get or stay on people’s radars – everyone likes their content shared and it provides an opportunity to create or further build a relationship. (With everything, be judicious. You don’t want to retweet everything in some stalker-like fashion!)

Following are some tips for savvy retweeting, and making your OWN content retweetable.

Different ways to retweet

There are two ways to retweet. The first, of course, is to just hit “retweet.” Oftentimes that’s fine…you are passing on something of interest to your followers. But it’s also a little lazy.

A much better way is to add YOUR two cents (or 20 characters!)

So say someone posted a list of “5 ways to schedule your kids’ summer.” Instead of just retweeting that link, you might add “Love No. 2”; and then add RT @so and so…with the link.

In that way you are not just blindly sending on, but showing you really read and appreciated the content.

Here’s another example.

How to Use Twitter Chats to Promote Your Small Business | Twitter Chats Tips …

So you could just hit “retweet” and it would say “RT@WebNavigatorGal: How to Use Twitter Chats to Promote Your Small Business | Twitter Chats Tips”

But you could take a moment and make it your own.

You might say “Twitter Chats Really Work! RT@WebNavigatorGal: …”

So you are still sharing the love with me (ah! Thanks!) but you are shortening the tweet so it doesn’t go over the character limit AND you are promoting yourself at the same time!

There are two ways to do this:

• A simple copy and paste where you paste in the content to a new status box and then edit it there to fit the proper length, etc.

• A Twitter app like HootSuite which lets you hit retweet and expand on it right then and there.

To get retweeted:

• Make sure your message is short enough that it’s easy for people to RT without editing. I personally am happy to edit to get my point across, but not all Twitter users are that ambitious. Studies show that the “ideal” character count for a RT is 70-100 characters.

• Include a URL. Again, data shows that a link or article is more likely to be RTed. I like to summarize the content of the article, or include the title, since the link name can often be cryptic. As in the example above, I gave the title of the article too, instead of just throwing up a link.

• Try  This app is terrific for blogs as it prompts your readers to easily generate a link directly from a post while not closing out your screen.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Whether you are retweeting or want to be retweeted, that 140 character limit can be a real pain!

There are a few ways to make your tweets shorter to encourage retweeting, and/or to paraphrase other people’s tweets when you are RTing:

• Are you retweeting something with lots of @xxx? Lose as many as you can, while making sure to retain the original author AND your own personal Twitter handle, if they are not one and the same.

• Be creative with your words, but don’t look like a teenager. “I luv when my customers share gr8 pix of my creations.” (with a link to a photo). This can easily be shortened without looking illiterate. “Thanks @so and so for sharing this great photo of my new design!” So you have used the person’s name in an “@” and also removed extraneous words while retaining proper spelling.

• Use contractions (don’t vs. do not); number signs rather than spelling out (four/4); + for and; etc.

• Use a link shortener like but don’t forget to also imply what the article is about. A link shortener mangles the name of the article and publisher and can often appear random. For example, when I plug in another recent tweet of mine, a Wired article on the “perfect Pinterest picture,” it looks like this: so I need to cue it: This Is the Perfect Pinterest Picture, According to Science | Wired Business.

I love Twitter and really enjoy sharing with others the amazing opportunities for small business that are available on this social media platform.

And don’t worry!  Most first time Tweeters find it a bit baffling at first, but once you see how valuable it is for your raising your brand awareness, networking with others, discovering timely info and connecting with high profile industry leaders and influencers, you will find the time you took to learn Twitter strategies well worth your investment.


Still need some help getting your business “tweeting” or just need help growing your business. Call me at 1-858-859-1411 or email me at to discuss your marketing needs.  Looking forward to connecting!

What are your favorite tips for sharing content and encouraging others to do the same? Would love to hear them in the comments below.



And don’t forget, now that you know how to get retweeted, come by and say “hi” on Twitter. You might just get a retweet!


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