Heat up your Business with these Summer Marketing Tips

heat-summer-marketing-tips Many small business owners decide to put much of their marketing on hiatus in the summer. With smart summer marketing tips, you don’t have to let marketing take over your life. Because summer offers a golden opportunity to take advantage of a time that most are neglecting. Here are 9 ways your summer marketing can shine!

  1. Schedule smartly: Take your personal and business calendars and figure out when your optimum working hours will be. You want to make sure that you schedule in your marketing activities just like anything else, and if you plan to do them during a time you’ve blocked out as vacation, they won’t get done.
  2. Pick a medium to focus on: It’s just a fact that you’ll want to be spending less time working during the gorgeous summer weather. So instead of spreading yourself thin, find out where your ideal client is most likely hanging out and focus primarily on that medium. Whether it’s Pinterest, Houzz, Twitter – or your own blog! – pick one to be your primary vehicle.
  3. Make a plan: Once you know when your days and weeks are for marketing, figure out what your messages will be. I like to take an event, such as a sale or holiday, and plan backward. You’ll want to feel free to take advantage of last-minute opportunities, so your plan is always flexible, but having a general idea of what your themes will be means half your work is done.
  4. Talk their language: Your ideal client is just as eager to kick back as you are. Make sure that whatever information you are sharing is designed to ease her pain points and challenges. Picture what your ideal client might be struggling with in the summer months and have your content speak to her challenges. Put yourself in her shoes and show how your product or service will make her life easier.
  5. Increase your promotions: If lots of small businesses are decreasing theirs, now is the time to ramp up! It might take more enticement than usual to get a customer to click or buy, so make it worth their while. I find that offering a fabulous goodie for free is exactly what your summer client needs to get them interested!
  6. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile: I can’t stress this enough! Especially in summer, your customers are poolside, or on their backyard patio, or scrolling while their child finishes summer camp. Make sure your site is designed to work for them on their smartphone or tablet.
  7. Use a scheduler for your posts: You want to make sure you’re reaching your clients on a regular, consistent basis. But sometimes, especially in the summer, you don’t want to have to adhere to a schedule. Use a free scheduling tool, like PostPlanner.com for Facebook (proud affiliate. Joshua, the founder, is continually adding benefits to this app) that will automate the process so you can create your content at your own convenience and then have it post whenever you choose. Yes, you can now schedule a post directly on Facebook, but Post Planner is a much more feature rich tool that will provide more engagement. And engagement is what will increase your brand awareness, prospect list and propel your social to sales strategy.
  8. Take note of what’s working: One key tip that I give my clients is to learn from their successes and failures. If you don’t take the time to analyze your efforts, you won’t know what to focus on next year. I always take notes of themes or times that seemed to work especially well. Maybe you planned a big Fourth of July promotion and it was a bust because people were out of town. By noting that, you can remember to avoid it next year. And don’t forget to check in on the competition!
  9. Have some fun! Everything is just a little more casual in the summer, isn’t it?! Why not play into everyone’s sense of joie de vivre by being a little more playful in your marketing. The truth is that people do business with people they like. Make your online persona one that is fun and spunky – or reflects whomever YOU are. Any time you can put a face to your company, you are upping that crucial ““know, like and trust” factor.

Want a quick surge of summer marketing tips and help?  Need help with a plan that will allow you to minimize the time you spend on marketing – but maximize your results. Questions? Let’s chat for 15 minutes to see how best I can help you break out of the summer blahs and find your day in the sun this year! Just email me here and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  To your summer success!

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