Pinterest Marketing Strategy: 3 Key Tips

Pinterest Marketing Strategy We all know that Pinterest can drive sales, but how exactly does this take place? Sometimes Pinterest can be so fun that we forget we have to have a solid business case for using this fast-growing and lucrative social network.

I recently read an excellent post on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network that distilled best practices from a larger study. I wanted to share my Top Three take-aways because I believe they provide valuable information to augment your current Pinterest marketing strategy.

Repinning is king.

Studies show that 60 percent of Pinterest purchases were discovered on Pinterest, but most of them came through boards and streams of “regular pinners,” rather than on a store or brand website. This means that purchasers aren’t necessarily going to follow your board and make purchases directly off it.

But that’s ok! What you need to do is figure out how to encourage other people to repin your information on their board. A repin offers the coveted credibility that comes from having someone else deem your items “pinworthy.” It tells all THEIR friends, “this is cool,” and helps build the buzz about your product that you can’t do yourself.

To create an incentive for repinning, make sure that every product has a “share on Pinterest” button to make it easy. You also might run a promotion. For example, Samsung has a current promotion that says “Follow Samsung Home on Pinterest then pin a photo of your laundry room using #SamsungSpinCycle and you could win a brand new Samsung top load washer and dryer set!” Your giveaway obviously doesn’t need to be that grandiose, but it can be smart to offer something now and then.

Also, make sure that you thank those who are repinning. Follow them back. Comment on their pins. Share their pins. Let them know that you noticed – and appreciated.

Currency IS currency.

Data shows that more than 40% of Pinterest-inspired purchases are made within one week of pinning, and 80% are made within three weeks. This means that people are looking for what’s hot now; not what you had on your page two months ago. And it means that when they share it, their followers are looking at it. Today. So don’t delay! If someone shared your pin, comment on it immediately.

If you have a cool product that you pinned three months ago, don’t expect someone to go find it. Give it a new spin and repin. While you want to make sure you have new products up all the time, you can give those “old faithfuls” a refresh every now and then. Surely you have new followers, or someone who missed it the first time around. Know that you have to have it front and center for it to be acknowledged again.

Does your picture tell a thousand words?

That’s what they say, but there’s a huge upside to adding some of your own words, so to speak. If someone is interested in your product, don’t make them go searching for availability, price, sizes, and all the other details they crave. Make it easy for them to know all the details quickly and make it REALLY easy for them to go straight to the page that would allow them to learn more – and, ideally, buy!

With “rich pins,” you can embed that information directly into the images on your board. Don’t make them wonder. Use an image that includes as much information as possible to drive your Pinterest purchasing power.

The world of Pinterest for business is fascinating – and there is so much benefit to be had if you approach it strategically. Have questions? If you need help figuring out how best to use Pinterest for your business, let’s chat for 15 to see how best I can help you. Call me at 1-858-859-1411 or just email me at today.

What are some of the tactics you incorporate into your Pinterest marketing strategy?  Would love to hear in the comments below.

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