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5 Tips on How to Avoid Google Penalties

You may have recently heard a lot of buzz around Google’s recent updates. These updates are to further their efforts in eliminating low quality content from appearing in their search rankings. And as with many of Google’s updates, they could significantly change page ranking for some sites- even yours.  Now it’s more important than ever to familiarize yourself with Google’s … Read More

Hootsuite Social Media Tips that Save You Time and Boost Your Business

When social media plays a critical role in communicating with existing and potential customers the amount of time it takes up in your day and week can be significant. Without question, the Hootsuite social media platform can help remedy the amount of time it takes to manage all of your major social media networks. Hootsuite allows you to do many … Read More

8 Key Tips to Create a Mobile Friendly Website

If you are like most small businesses you probably thought designing your website for traditional computers was a huge undertaking in and of itself. Now however, businesses need to design websites for mobile devices, as well. If you want to make sure you capture and keep all of the visitors that are coming to your site on their mobile phones … Read More

Why I love BlueHost

If you have not yet found a hosting provider for your self-hosted site, I recommend Bluehost. Not only will they help you get your website up quickly, but  they will help you avoid the early on confusion that sometimes causes us to think about throwing in the towel. Over time, I have become an even bigger fan of Bluehost. They are … Read More

4 Key Tips on How to Do Link Building

Every link to your website from another website is considered a “vote” for your site and as we all know, he (or she) with the most votes wins. This is why getting your links on other websites, especially websites relevant to your industry and products are very important. Here are a few quick tips on how to do link building … Read More

How to Optimize Your Website With SEO

Looking for help on how to optimize your website with SEO? Let’s start out with explaining what “SEO” stands for.  SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization.” Which means optimizing your website so the search engines can better find your and your business. Sounds good, right? Every business owner wants to be found easily by their prospects and clients. … Read More

5 Quick Tips for Understanding Google Analytics

Understanding Google Analytics can seem a bit overwhelming. It offers so much information, but sometimes with all of that information it is difficult to know where to start. Here are a few of the key metrics you should be looking for: Visits This will show you how many different times people have come to your website within a certain time … Read More

5 Tips on How to Write Blog Posts

Looking for tips on how to write blog posts? With social media, SEO, online writing, online marketing and more to remember when writing blog posts it is hard not to become overwhelmed and go away with the feeling that you are forgetting to do something important. You put a lot of work into your blog posts, and I want to … Read More