Last-Minute Valentine Marketing Ideas You Will Love!

Valentine Marketing Ideas Valentine’s Day is literally just around the corner, but it’s not too late to reach your customers! Here are 10 Valentine marketing ideas you and your customers will, well, love!

  1.  Prep your site – if you haven’t already! Help customers get in the spirit by breaking out the red, the pink, the hearts and the cupids. Tasteful or over-the-top – whatever will resonate with your customers. It’s not too late to check out Fiverr, this great website where you can go to get something fast, whether it’s a cool Valentine graphic or a Valentine take on your logo. Check it out – you’ll get a talented designer happy to help you out for only $5!
  2. Offer free overnight shipping. Yes, you might take a hit, but the loyalty will more than make up for it. Think of the boyfriend, husband, mom or other special person who procrastinated and is now in a bind. Help a brother out! I bet they will remember you!
  3. Send love notes (thank you notes!) to your customers. What a beautiful time to let customers know you LOVE their business. This is a fabulous idea whether you offer a product or a service. Customers love to be appreciated, and Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity.
  4. Deliver some love! If your customers live in your geographic area, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to stop in and show your appreciation. Even if you don’t have a ton of cash, you can go to the Dollar Store and get a themed coffee cup, filled with goodies and topped off with a Mylar balloon. If your marketing budget is even larger, bring treats for the whole office, if that’s appropriate. They’ll remember who gave them some sugar! In fact, think about deferring some of your normal holiday gift budget to Valentine’s Day next year. Everyone is inundated with sweets and packages over the peak December holiday season – why not bring some cheer during winter and the day of love.
  5. Have a last-minute sale to show your customer how much you love them! Whether you hope they’ll buy a gift for themselves – or others – come up with a quick last-minute promotional idea and promote the heck out of it in social media and via email marketing.
  6. Host a Feb. 15th sale. Come up with a clever marketing approach that plays on the fact that we don’t always get what we want from our Valentine. Send an email on the 15th telling your clientele to come shop for themselves, in case they were disappointed on the 14th. Or, if their Valentine did extra good, this is their chance to say THANK YOU!
  7. Organize your site with gift ideas right up front. Put together a quick shopping list of items at a wide variety of price points. Make it easy for them to get what they need.
  8. Speaking of easy, we can’t say it often enough. Make sure your website is working at its best – fast and intuitive. Make sure it loads fast and offers easy one-click shopping and shipping. The best marketing is an awesome shopping experience!
  9. Ask your customers to share the love. Offer a special promotion for every referral they make through the end of February. And have them show the love via online recommendations! Every time someone has a great experience, ask if they’ll write you a referral. Online recommendations are currency that you can’t replace.
  10. Love another small business entrepreneur! Do you need to make purchases of your own for Valentine’s Day? Consider shopping at a business that you’ve admired because of their products, their marketing or their personality. Let them know why you chose them, and suggest they check out you, too! Paying a sincere compliment and making a new “friend” is a great way to market your own products and services.

Valentine marketing ideas Even though Valentine’s Day comes EVERY Feb. 14, it still seems to sneak up on us. Hope these last-minute Valentine marketing ideas get you in the mood – for sales!

How about you? Any last minute Valentine marketing ideas to share?

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