How to Get More Publicity: Leverage More Than Your 15 Minutes of Fame

how-to-get-more-publicity-for-your-business Every smart business owner wants to know how to get more publicity. Why? Because publicity lends credibility. But it’s often like getting the “golden ticket.” Publicity is about setting up a system and being consistent.

And when you do get it, it often feels as if all the stars align: you answered a reporter query or even just sent a blind pitch to the right person at the right time and they loved your information.

But once you have gotten that PR placement, how to you get more publicity? Because even after the story runs, that doesn’t ensure your website or phone will go nuts with new customers rolling in.

The truth is that often a business doesn’t see much of a return on the initial PR hit – and it can happen even with something as impressive as a Today Show segment. It’s hard not to be disappointed with hardly any response, but there are ways you can leverage that publicity to give the pieces a shelf life far beyond their actual publication. Here are some ideas for repurposing your coverage:

    1. Post it on your website. The “halo effect” of the third-party credibility of media coverage might be just what your customers need to see. On your home page, put “As seen in” with the logo of the outlet, and then provide a link in a special “media section.” Even if you only have one or two good results for that section, they will build on each other.
    2. Display the piece. Ever notice how restaurants do a fantastic job of highlighting great reviews with framed pieces around their waiting area? No matter what your business, you can take a cue from them and frame the coverage to hang in your office or shop, if you have one. If you provide products to local stores that are mentioned in the coverage, make them a framed copy and drop it by with a thank you. They might hang it, or they can merchandise the products around it.
    3. Highlight the article in social media. The article can have multiple lives on social media. First, you’ll want to post the article and share your excitement on being included. Then, over the next few weeks, you can try a twist on the original share, pulling out a different quote or angle each time so the post looks fresh. If it’s a list, share the love with others who were included by mentioning them. If a customer is mentioned, make sure to tag them, too. And don’t forget that reporters love to have their work shared, so be sure to tag the reporter and outlet as well. Take the time to adapt the article for the preferred platform, whether you’re posting it on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Houzz or Facebook. Each post should be a little different to reflect the norms of the site.
    4. Re-purpose it in an email or mailer. Reproduce the whole piece or take a snippet and use it in your next direct mail piece or email outreach.
    5. Use it to garner more coverage. Reporters are always looking for good sources, so the fact that you’ve been covered before can be a plus. It proves you are easy to work with and have a news-worthy angle. If the coverage was local, you can use it to potentially leverage into a national outlet. And if it was national, your local business reporter might want to use it as an example for a marketing article. And don’t overlook trade publications. They are often doing stories on various marketing techniques and looking for examples within the industry.
    6. Use it for additional marketing. Whether you’re speaking at a local Chamber of Commerce, holding an event, or any other marketing activity out in the community, include it as part of your table literature, press kit or presentation.
    7. Build on the relationship with the reporter. Having a good relationship with a reporter can come in handy over time. But it’s a fine line between being appreciative and overbearing. Click here to get our tips for utilizing coverage to build a relationship with a reporter.

Looking for more tips on how to get more publicity for your business? Call me today at 1-858-859-1411 or email me at to find out how I can help your business get the publicity it deserves!

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