Houzz Marketing Strategy: Is it right for your business?

houzz-marketing-strategy Heard the buzz about Houzz? Wondering what exactly your Houzz marketing strategy should be?

  • Should you be investing time and effort on Houzz?
  • If you’re already on Houzz and have invested a fairly substantial amount of your marketing budget into Houzz advertising, why aren’t you getting the leads you had hoped for?
  • What are the reasons others are making a Houzz marketing strategy more of a priority for their home service or product?
  • Why are they seeing results on Houzz and you’re not?

It’s true that there are definite pros and cons to spending more of your marketing resources on the Houzz platform. And remember, resources aren’t just money – your time is invaluable.

But Houzz has benefits you may not even be aware of:

  1. Houzz has eyeballs. The site claims more than 35 million unique visitors per month – and growing – from a worldwide audience. Even more exciting for design professionals or those who sell home products is the opportunity to capture your ideal audience’s attention: 90 percent of users are homeowners, 74 percent plan to decorate and 40 percent plan to build an addition or remodel in the next two years. I predict the site hasn’t even come close to its full potential and you can be sure it’s not going away anytime soon.
  2. Houzz has quality linking opportunities. There are two ways you can benefit from Houzz links. The first is that search engines love it. When people search for “design professionals in Los Angeles,”or “organic cotton pillows,” your Houzz link may be one of the first returns if you are using the right keywords. The second way they can improve your linking strategy is that they offer many options to create high-quality, relevant links back to your own site so that consumers can head right over. There’s no doubt that being active on Houzz can help you expand your digital footprint and brand awareness online.
  3. Your competitors are there. You have to be where your competitors are and if they’re not yet on Houzz, it’s a certainty they will be soon as more design professionals and home product businesses discover the value and traffic that a successful Houzz marketing strategy offers.

But, here are three other thoughts to keep in mind as you evaluate your Houzz options.

  1. High-quality images reign. Just as you wouldn’t post any but the most curated photos on Pinterest, a large quantity of high-quality images are a must in order to make the platform worth your while. While you may be satisfied with less professional, casual photos on Facebook or Instagram, this is one social media site where quality isn’t optional. Make sure that each of your photos is well-lighted, cropped and tells a story all on its own.
  2. The platform isn’t yours. Unlike your website where you control what visitors see, Houzz is controlled by a growing, ever-changing media giant. The issue some entrepreneurs have had with Houzz is that they seem to continually be making constant changes, sometimes even daily. It can be a lot for anyone to keep up with, but especially a small business owner who has myriad details to attend to every day and very limited time to stay up-to-date on all the changes.
  3. You need to make sure that you have a good balance. The goal here is to consider how much traffic you want to leverage from Houzz, in relation to building traffic to your own online platform – which you do control, as mentioned above. You can create a free Professional Profile to get started, but you have to constantly weigh the impact of spending your time building your presence there, against the effort you invest in building your own website. Both are certainly important – it’s about how you allocate and divide your resources.

So the question that many clients grapple with is where does your Houzz marketing strategy fit in relation to your overall marketing plan? I have found that it can be a very vital component to your online and social media strategy, but it has to be well thought out as an addition to your comprehensive marketing strategy.

That’s where my expert team has been helping our clients align their priorities and use Houzz to gain visibility, which in turn leads to higher-quality and more consistent leads — and ultimately sales.

Houzz represents an excellent opportunity for you right now, as long as it is strategically incorporated into your overall marketing goals for your business this year.

Can I help you figure out your opportunities on Houzz? Call me at 1-858-859-1411 or email me today at laura@webnavigatorgal.com – let’s talk about how Houzz should fit into your overall marketing strategy.

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