A Houzz Marketing Plan is Your #1 Competitive Edge as a Home Industry Professional

houzz-marketing-plan Houzz is growing like a house on fire! And many home industry professionals and home product designer aren’t even aware how rapidly this online platform is growing and how powerful a tool it can be to increase their business. And this can be YOUR competitive edge. A customized Houzz marketing plan can connect you with your ideal audience of homeowners looking exactly for what you have to offer.

The interior designers, architects, landscape designers, home product designers and many others who have a real plan in place are definitely seeing amazing feedback and return on their investment — they are raising their profile as home industry leaders and getting terrific qualified leads.

So grab a pen and take notes, because these key tips I am going to be providing to you are incredibly valuable… especially if you start now and beat your competition to the chase.

Here are five ways a Houzz marketing plan can supercharge your business:

  1. Check out the “Ask a Pro” section and you’ll see quite a few opportunities to answer specific questions, but also get in front of the huge “silent majority”audience of Houzz users. Your ideal clients may not be vocal or visible in the discussion threads, but they are watching and often deciding by your responses if you are someone they might want to work with. Whether you’re a home stager or sell products that could be used in a nursery or bathroom, this is the place to go to share your expertise.
  2. Pitch the editors to write up “Stories” related your expertise. I see interior designers, landscapers, photographers and other professionals finding a niche on Houzz by writing regularly as a Houzz contributor.
  3. Showcasing your best “Projects” as a home industry entrepreneur and curating your style, aesthetic, and taste in your Ideabooks provides an incredible platform for business and brand awareness.
  4. Stay up on industry knowledge. Again, no matter what part of the housing industry your business touches, there’s a professional group on Houzz you can follow, from the National Association of Realtors to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. You can find out more about what’s going on in your industry and share your expertise as well. Just look under “Schools and Organizations” where you’ll find the associations to follow and connect with when reaching out to core influencers as part of your strategy.
  5. Be on the ground floor of the marketplace opportunity. Social shopping is all the rage, and Houzz can be the perfect place to showcase home design focused products. It’s a perfect marriage – everyone on Houzz is already thinking about décor and their house. Becoming a vendor on Houzz (it’s simple) can put your products in front of over 20 million unique users a month.  You just need to get approved, handle their fulfillment and other basic customer service guidelines. Houzz takes a straight 15 percent from the total, and works hard to get your products out front to their users. And remember SEO can be your friend when naming and categorizing your products. You always want to make sure your ideal clients can find you easily.
  6. Take a look at Site Designer, which is a website-building tool for residential building, remodeling and design professionals who have a Houzz profile. It allows you to easily turn your Houzz content into your own customizable website. This can be a good option for professionals who don’t yet have a site, or whose existing website needs some updating – which as we know, takes time and money. It’s a quick and easy way to easily create a beautiful and responsive (mobile-friendly) website. However, once you can focus on building your own site, I highly recommend you do. Like Google, we can’t control what Houzz decides to do in the future. And it’s generally best to have your own platform that you can use as a tool to market your business no matter what changes Houzz may decide to move forward with in the future.

Bonus tip: Check out their apps for both smartphones and tablets. Although many of your ideal Houzz users are accessing the platform on their desktop, more and more will continue to use Houzz on the go. The interface is very different on these apps, and you need to be aware of how your brand and business is presented.

Ready to make the most of what Houzz has to offer? I know that many professionals aren’t sure how they can take advantage of this fast-growing site. Whether you need help creating your own custom Houzz marketing plan specific to your business needs, or could use help integrating the Houzz platform into your overall marketing efforts, my expert team and I can help.

I’m a Houzz certified marketing consultant. With years of experience and expertise on the platform, my expert team and I know how to help you leverage Houzz to increase your quality leads and profits. Whether it’s helping you improve your organic leads (no ad costs) or helping you supplement your advertising, we will work closely with you to best leverage the ever-changing Houzz platform to increase your brand awareness and bottom line.

Email me today at laura@webnavigatorgal.com, or call me at 1-858-859-1411 for your FREE 15 minute “Houzz Business Breakthrough” session.

Look forward to seeing how you take this opportunity – with expert help – to create success in your business this year and beyond.

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