37 Holiday Email Marketing Ideas: One For Each Day of the Month and More!

holiday-email-marketing-ideas Santa isn’t the only one who wants to get letters this holiday season. Nearly three-quarters of consumers say they prefer to receive promotions from companies through email, compared to only 17 percent who cite social media. That means that the time is now to up your email game for the holiday season. Here are 35 holiday email marketing ideas that will make your outreach as welcome as a visit from Santa.

1. Create a calendar of VIP email subscriber only holiday specials. Increase excitement by unveiling them each day.

2. Promote 12 days of Christmas gifts with purchase- promote a different gift each day.

3. Highlight special holiday gift sets.

4. Make it eye catching. It’s the holiday season so make your email is festive.

5. Play with festive holiday copy. Tis the season.

6. Timing is everything. Find out when your ideal customer is checking email and send it then; for a business customer that might be early morning; for a shopper, it could be evening.

7. Write for mobile. More and more people are doing their email reading and shopping on a mobile device so make it easy to scan.

8. Encourage them to support small business owners and share your holiday specials with their friends and family.

9. Send multiple emails leading up and the day of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and/or Cyber Monday.

10. Extend the sale. Surprise them with an extra day.

11. Check their shopping carts. If someone abandoned something, send them a small discount to entice them back.

12. Offer free shipping. Even if you can’t afford to do it all the time, offer a limited time period to get them to buy.

13. Ask for a review. Most customers are happy to give reviews if you only ask. Give them a small goodie for doing so.

14. Invite them to follow you on social media for additional special offers.

15. Have a contest. Invite your customers to send in a photo of them enjoying the season or a favorite holiday memory.

16. Say thanks. Customers want to feel appreciated.

17. Offer buy one/get one. Pick a best seller and suggest they get one for them and one for a friend.

18. Create a gift guide. Focus on hard-to-shop for people like spouses and parents.

19. Promote gifts under $30, gifts under $50, gifts under $50, etc.

20. Focus on a different recipient with each email. Rather than overwhelming with too many gifts, create one message focused on moms, one on kids, one on guys…

21. Help them shop for clients. Give them gift ideas that will make them look as professional as their service is.

22. Solve the Secret Santa issue. Everyone is sick of the same old, same old. Help them be a great Secret Santa with creative options.

23. Announce a party in your store. The first 10 customers who come in and mention the email get something special.

24. Tell them the first 10 people who hit reply and wish you “Happy Holidays” will get a special promo code for that day.

25. Add a gif. Make the email really pop.

26. Bundle complementary items. If they buy earrings, throw in a necklace for half price.

27. Naughty and nice! Let them save for themselves and offer savings to a friend.

28. Countdown is on. Remind them how many shopping days are left – and how happy they will be when they are done.

29. Many happy returns. No owner wants to have merchandise returned but a simple return policy might entice new customers to buy.

30. Create loyalty. Reward a certain number of purchases with a special discount or free gift.

31. Imply scarcity. Count down if you only have a few of something left.

32. Keep in touch. Didn’t have the size or color a customer wanted? Let them know when it’s back in and offer to ship it for free.

33. Send a funny story. You don’t always have to sell to your customers. Everyone could use a smile or a heartwarming picture.

34. Show your face. One of your best assets as a small business owner is YOU. Show them who you are and who your staff is.

35. Invite feedback. Not sure if your emails are too much or too little? Just ask! Create a simple survey with Survey Monkey to see how you’re doing.

36. Create a fun theme party. I love “Santa Hat Saturday.” Create a special discount to everyone who posts their holiday wish on  your Facebook page. Encourage them to come in wearing a Santa Hat for a discount. Post their picture (with permission) on all your social media sites.

37. Get ready for next year. Are any of your products perfect for January renewal? Offer them a discount now.

Ready to put some holiday email marketing ideas to work? I can help you work holiday magic! Let’s talk…Call me at 1-858-859-1411 or email me at laura@webnavigatoral.com today to get your holiday marketing polished.

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