Building a Brand Strategy the Right Way

building-a-brand-strategy Reputations are difficult to build and easy to destroy – and that adage also applies to your brand. The reason entrepreneurs often struggle with building a brand strategy is that too often they are trying to compete using examples of how they are “better” than another brand.

But there’s a real problem with remaining focused on that direction.  The problem is that most people believe there could always be something better around the corner. It’s human nature to want believe there’s something better.  “The grass is always greener” really means that most people want to believe there could always be a better choice.

So how can you compete with that?

Business owners should focus on what’s unique about their product or services. And knowing “why” your company is unique is the secret to building a brand strategy that will clearly differentiate WHY your customers should choose you over your competitor. Why are you different?

One of my favorite TedX Talks of all time is from Simon Sinek, who has created an insightful and inspiring video that details a powerful model for inspirational leadership with key insights on knowing the “why” of your brand. Understanding “why” your ideal clients will choose you over your competitor is essential to creating a solid brand foundation.

He talks about the importance of knowing the “why” of your company before you begin defining the “what” and the “how” which is the big mistake most brands make.” Instead, try focusing on the “Before and After” snapshot of your brand and show your ideal audience why there is no other option out there like your product or service. Your brand is unique and stands on its own. By focusing on why you are unique, you eliminate your competition. There is no better option because there isn’t anything else out there like your brand.

Why do clients want to choose you and your brand over your competitors? Describe the unique experience of the “before” to the “after” of your product or service. Paint a picture focusing on the differences is the secret to the “why” of your company. Work with me and you’ll have more clients. Work with me and your house will be more relaxing and comfortable. Work with me and you’ll be more productive. Work with me and you’ll lose weight or sleep better, or whatever the unique “after” is that you are selling.

I believe that entrepreneurs are never “pleased.” There is always a new challenge, a new way that we are striving to be better, but we all individually (and I believe as companies, too) offer unique gifts like no other. And I believe that we need to stay focused on our core differences. This is where taking the time to invest in the branding process for your business can offer great payoffs now and in the future. Wasting money, energy and, most of all, your finite resource of time without first getting clear on the key foundational elements of your brand can often make or break your business.

So if you are tempted to focus on what’s better about your brand, remember that you can’t compete with “the grass is always greener” so redirect your energies. Stay focused on what sets you apart and “Why” someone should decide to use your services and products over another choice when building a brand strategy.  There are other key branding elements that you need to address, but start with the “why” and watch the rest fall into place.

Are you in the process of developing a brand or beginning the rebranding process? Email to set up a time to chat or call me today at 1-858-859-1411. My expertise is on helping you save time, money and effort while creating a successful brand strategy. Look forward to connecting and helping you create your most successful year, yet.

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