The Big List of Christmas Marketing Campaign Ideas and Tips

christmas-marketing-ideas-tips Yes, small business retailers, it’s game time….the holiday shopping season. If you haven’t yet decided on Christmas marketing campaign ideas, don’t worry, it’s not too late.

But before you begin narrowing down different Christmas marketing campaign ideas you’d like to implement this season, you need to be crystal clear on what your Christmas marketing campaign goals are. For example, do you want to:

  • Collect new leads for your business?
  • Reach people near your business?
  • Get people to claim your offer?
  • Increase your customer list?
  • Add incremental revenue from existing customers?

And you need to set up some type of metric so you can measure each campaign’s effectiveness. Ask yourself before beginning each marketing campaign, “Is this campaign designed to support my bigger marketing goals as outlined in my overall marketing plan?”

To get you started, we’ve compiled the “big list” of Christmas marketing campaign idea along with a few key tips. As you decide where to focus your energy and marketing dollars, choose the ones that will best meet your objective, both this month and in the year to come.

  1. Use marketing emails to promote specials, gift ideas and more. Use a catchy subject line to make yours stand out. Email remains popular with customers: Nearly 70 percent of the consumers surveyed say they want to receive communications, such as sales offers, news, information about new products, etc. from retailers via email.
  2. Use A/B testing to see which subject line coverts better. If you’re trying to get customers to take advantage of a special offer, see if there are certain words that entice them to click or buy and figure out how to use more of those in upcoming communication.
  3. Dedicate one of your weekly emails to promote a “deal of the week.” If you’re trying to pick the “right” day, research from GoDaddy found that in Dec. 2015, emails sent on Mondays and Tuesdays tended to have higher open rates than the rest of the week. Be cautious of sending emails on weekends: Open rates went down Saturdays and Sundays, and didn’t pick back up again until Monday.
  4. Avoid in-box traffic jams. GoDaddy found that Cyber Monday was the busiest email marketing day of the season, with 91 percent more volume than the average day.
  5. Take a quick walk down memory lane. What promotions or outreach were particularly successful last year? Can you use elements of them again?
  6. Make sure you respond to customer feedback on social media. They expect you to interact with them and even if a customer has a complaint, resolving it quickly offers them a chance to see your service in action.
  7. Share the love. Comment and share your followers’ social media posts. Interacting with customers online strengthens your bond.
  8. Find hashtags that are trending for #holiday shopping and create material that makes use of them. Or, create your own and use it in all your marketing.
  9. Remember that mobile is king. Make it easy to be found by optimizing for your neighborhood so you show up in local searches.
  10. Include sufficient information on your website to make it easy for on-the-go customers to find you. Make your phone number “clickable” so they don’t have to manually dial and include your holiday hours and parking information.
  11. Offer curbside “delivery.” Many customers hesitate to venture out because of parking concerns so offer them the chance to be served right from the car.
  12. Get your social media plan in place early. To avoid getting sidelined with the busy season, pre-plan your posts as much as you can.
  13. Find the social media platform where the majority of your customers are. For some companies, that might be Facebook; others with a more visual product or a young clientele might consider Instagram and Snapchat.
  14. Look into “geofilters.” For a relatively small investment, local Snapchat customers can use your localized stamp in their snaps.
  15. Help them make their next purchase. If a customer has bought something specific, offer them a deal on a related item they might like.
  16. Bundle purchases to make it easier for shoppers to finish their list. It tends to go for a higher total price and helps customize your service versus larger retailers.
  17. Create special pages of gifts designed for a specific demographic. Whether it’s “for him,” “for her,” “for teens” or “for pets,” make it easy for your ideal customer to find the solution to their gift-giving challenges.
  18. Group gifts by price option so they can easily find the right price for their budget.
  19. Encourage repeat business. When someone makes a purchase, send them a coupon for xx off their next one.
  20. Add some sparkle to your website. Whether it’s an updated holiday color scheme, or fun inages of snow, lights, tinsel, etc., make sure you deck your “walls.”
  21. Invite interaction on your social media. Ask a question or request they post a photo of them in a holiday scene. People love to participate and you’ll get more likes and shares.
  22. Keep it visual. Make sure your social media posts are largely visual as users tend to scroll past text-only messages.
  23. Offer free gift wrap; if it’s too spendy to offer it all the time then offer special time frames where you will.
  24. If you’re shipping a gift, show customers what the tag and wrapping will look like so they are confident their gift will arrive ready to go right under the tree.
  25. Offer “of the month” ideas if your product lends itself to it — food, socks, earrings, the possibilities are endless. That allows the giver to spread out their cost and stay top of mind all year long.
  26. Create a page for corporate gifts. Take the burden off your customer by doing their client gifting. If feasible, offer to make the deliveries.
  27. Tout products that tie in well with the New Year. Whether you can help your customers relax, organize, goal set or otherwise rejuvenate, tout gifts that will coincide well with January sentiments.
  28. Use a holiday-themed avatar. Consider adding a Santa hat or a festive color to let your normal avatar stand out.
  29. Let your employees be the stars. Feature them in social media posts or email marketing. Customers love to see the “faces” behind your company.
  30. Invite customers to post questions on your social media pages, whether it’s a gift idea suggestion or a way to solve a sticky holiday issue. Casting yourself as their problem solver allows you to look like a helpful resource both to them and the rest of your followers.
  31. Ask for reviews. Most customers are happy to leave a review; they need only be asked.
  32. Make use of public relations. See if local publications have a gift guide or if they are doing a shopping feature. Have print-quality photography available.
  33. Connect with a professional association that has clients similar to yours. Maybe you invite the local realtor association in for some early-morning shopping and a meeting, or invite the local photography club to use your store for portraits.
  34. Encourage your customers to check-in and post on social media. Offer a small discount or gift for tagging your location.
  35. Create a seasonal “selfie area” to encourage customers to take and share photos.
  36. Host a party. Have refreshments and special shopping hours and even activities for the kids if you can.
  37. Cross promote with a neighbor. See if another local store will tout your products and vice versa. If possible, offer a discount for customers who visit both (or more) stores.
  38. Share email newsletter lists. Swap with a complementary, not competitive, company to have access to their customers.
  39. Trade social media mentions. Tag them and have them do the same to reach new social media followers.
  40. Guest post on a different site. If another business has a complementary product, see if you can offer a blog post to them and allow them to do the same.
  41. Do a Christmas countdown on your site. Incorporate it into social media with a clever theme that plays on your products.
  42. Invite local suppliers in to meet the customers. If you work with local artisans, have them visit the store to show how they source or make the products. Cross promote via one another’s social media channels.
  43. Offer music in your store. Consider having a local choir or band in to play – their parents are great customers, too!
  44. Boost your Facebook posts to reach a larger audience. It can be surprisingly affordable when you target by demographic or location.
  45. Host a giving tree where customers can choose names or wishes for local kids. They can deliver the gifts back to your site as well, to bring them in once again. Offer a small incentive or discount to those who participate.
  46. Donate a percentage of your profits to charity. Invite your customers to help choose the cause, and keep them posted as funds are raised.
  47. Use your social media to promote local charities, whether you are donating to them or not. Position yourself as a community connector.
  48. Offer discounts to customers who refer someone else to you, whether they become a customer or just join your email list.
  49. Promote the uniqueness of your gifts. It’s not always a discount or great price that attracts customers. In fact, the survey How America Gives Gifts in 2016 found that 55 percent of customers rated “picking gifts that are a good fit for their recipients” as their top priority over price.
  50. Thank your customers. It’s nice to offer them a discount or gift with purchase, but even better to offer them something for nothing! That’s a true thanks.

Need help deciding on the Christmas marketing campaign ideas that will work best for your business? Call me at 1-858-859-1411 or email me at so I can help you narrow down your efforts to the best customized ideas for you and your goals.


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