7 New Year Marketing Ideas To Jumpstart Your Business

new-year-marketing-ideas Ready to kick off the new year with new clients and a reinvigorated marketing effort? Here are seven new year marketing ideas to help you start strong.

1. Revamp your branding.

Been a while since you updated your look? If you have an outdated logo or website, this may be a good time to give it a makeover. Your new year marketing ideas will resonate even more with a brand refresh. Redesign your logo or change your website in a way that better reflects your business values and personality and appeals more to your target customer. Remember that branding is more than just a logo — it’s about getting super clear on who your ideal client is and the specific problems you solve for them and then defining the values you share with your community.

2.  Leverage New year’s resolutions.

In the New Year, people are especially motivated to make positive changes, set goals and make resolutions. Helping your customers achieve their goals is likely to spur lots of interest. For example, even if your business doesn’t revolve around getting fit, you can still offer a related “fitness” type of challenge. I often work with my clients on developing and implemented a 90-day marketing challenge to meet a specific revenue or business goal.

3.  Offer bonuses, bundles and special promotions to attract more customers.

Everyone loves a a special offer- especially after all the holiday festivities. Create a “Once a New Year” bundle to entice your audience to purchase a soon-to-be-discontinued service or old inventory item from the past year. Reframe old stock as “only x left” or “retire” a service to make room for the new.

4.  Release new products/services.

Speaking of new, with the arrival of January 1st comes a fresh start, so this is a great time to launch new products and services to your customers. To build momentum and anticipation for the launch, start marketing and introducing these product/services in December.

5.  Create engagement on social media with contests and giveaways.

Hold contests asking fans to share/tweet/post their new year resolutions or their best memories from the past 12 months and give away prizes to the most insightful answers. It’s a fantastic way to generate lots of engagement, excitement and exposure to your business. Remember to always follow specific platform guidelines and include any necessary legal info.

6.  Send Happy New Year cards.

With the rise of the internet, very few businesses send out cards these days. Many were caught in the glut of holiday greetings. This is your chance to go above and beyond and win your customer’s heart by mailing a personal New Year’s card and stand out from the December greeting card rush. It’s so simple and easy to execute, yet your customers will love this small gesture.

7.  Increase the speed upload time of your website. It goes without saying that your website should be mobile friendly and responsive to all devices from smartphones to tablets, as well as desktops.  I can’t stress enough that you really need to keep your site upload time under five seconds or you will risk losing the very person who could be one of your best customers or clients. Ask your hosting company to test the speed upload time of your site. If it’s taking over five seconds, consider investing in optimizing your website for speed so you won’t miss out on any additional opportunities you may have already lost this past year.


Remember the best time to implement new year marketing ideas is now. If you’re ready to jumpstart your business this year, let’s talk.  Don’t wait — call me today at 1-858-859-1411 or email me at laura@webnavigatorgal.com. Let’s discuss what you want to achieve with your marketing efforts so we can better help you reach your business goals this year.


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