12 Days of Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas to Sleigh the Season!

last-minute-holiday-marketing-ideas As they say, Santa Claus is coming to town, and I know that, as a business owner, you want your goodies in his sleigh.

These holiday marketing ideas are designed for you, the small business owner, to create quick wins and increase last minute holiday sales.

In the holiday spirit, I’ve got 12 ideas to increase last-minute holiday marketing sales that you can use in whatever way suits you best, whether it’s email or social or both. You can even adapt many of them for brick-and-mortar merchandising promotions and offers if you’re looking to drive traffic to a physical store.

1. Post a pic of ‘the last ___ left this season.” 

Got a hot item? Create that sense of scarcity by showing that you just have a few left of something special. Share on social or if on site, position the remaining stock near a holiday backdrop to make the scene even more festive. For example, drape a few scarves on a tree, or arrange some candles near a menorah.

2. Share a behind-the-scenes holiday vignette.

Are your elves busy? Of course they are, and your shoppers love to see your face – that’s what sets a small business apart, after all. So snap some photos of you in your office or studio, your team at work, whether helping a customer (with their permission of course), manning the cash register or getting boxes ready to ship.

3. Share the perfect stocking stuffer.

Stocking stuffers are the bane of most people’s shopping list – the items they just can’t decide on. That’s why you can score big with creative, affordable stocking stuffer ideas. Stage the photo or merchandise the item so it’s coming out of a stocking, and add in details on price, color, etc. so they can easily picture it in their house.

4. Suggest “The perfect last minute gift for ___.”

Think of your ideal client and the category that might be hardest for them to buy for. That’s what you want to tout. Consider including a couple options at different price points to draw in shoppers on both ends of the budget spectrum.

5. Create “bonus gift with purchase of ___ today.”
Everyone loves something extra. Bonus gifts boost sales fast because the shopper can either bundle it with the existing gift, turn it into a stocking stuffer or stand-alone gift for another (or keep it as a little reward for themselves!).

6. Post a “Secret Santa suggests…”

Whether they’re shopping for a co-worker, neighbor, aunt or a fellow book-club member, Secret Santa gifts can be tough. Everyone wants to bring “the gift” that gets oohed and aahed over, “stolen” in the present game or otherwise coveted. Give them some great, creative suggestions that will let their gift shine.

7. Post a “Baby, it’s cold outside- try our 2 is cozier than 1 bundle deal”

Dress up that item in a mittens or a scarf, or better yet, put you or a colleague in mittens and a scarf holding the item. A fire as a backdrop for the item could be another nice touch as a fun visual way to tout the BOGO deal.

8. Post an “If you like ___, you might like these…”

Steal this trick from Amazon and help your ideal client find another gift. Whether it’s an algorithm on your website that makes suggestions, or an email that you send out after a purchase, help them see what else they could get that they could either give together to one person or give to two people with similar tastes so that each one gets a unique gift.

9. Offer a “Done for You” service.

Want to remove the dreaded gift wrapping chore? Show your client how you’ll make it easy by highlighting the festive wrap you add to your gifts. Your shopper will appreciate the peace of mind that the gift will arrive tree-ready.

10. Post a “Spend over ___ amount, and get ___.”

Boost your ticket by giving them a bonus when they spend a certain amount. Try a strategy lots of retailers use where you put the price point just right above a popular item, to incentivize them to buy even more.

11. Offer priority shipping for the 1st ___ people who comment #happyholidays.”

Building engagement is key, and it’s gratifying to know that people are actually reading your posts. Asking them to comment to help spread the holiday spirit also demonstrates they’re part of the group. Comments can help boost your post position too. And who doesn’t want priority shipping for that last minute gift?

12. Post-holiday greeting along with a “Keep your eyes out for our big ___ in the New Year.”

Your goal is to build your client list for the coming year, not just the holiday season. Keep that objective in sight by helping customers think ahead to what you might be offering that’s fresh for the New Year.

One word of caution regarding promotions on Facebook as you are looking to increase last-minute holiday marketing sales: You might want to use them as targeted ads or a boosted post, as Facebook wants you to pay when your post contains offers. It can affect your reach on Facebook if you’re overly promotional, so be sure to mix in a balance of promotions with other content.

Same goes for email – as algorithms constantly change, some email senders are being dinged. Just something to think about – you can read more here, and of course I can help provide strategies that will help you make the most of your marketing, whether it’s organic or paid promotion.

Got a question about your holiday marketing? Email me at laura@webnavigatorgal.com to set up a time to chat or call me today at 1-858-859-1411.

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