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Many small business owners decide to put much of their marketing on hiatus in the summer. With smart summer marketing tips, you don’t have to let marketing take over your life. Because summer offers a golden opportunity to take advantage of a time that most are neglecting. Here are 9 ways your summer marketing can [...]

For many entrepreneurs, their website IS their store, the ideal place to showcase their products – and services. But with so many potential competitors clamoring for the same customers, it’s important to focus on how to increase website sales. Here are seven top tips for getting noticed in the crowded worldwide marketplace. 1) Make sure [...]

"How to get more traffic to my blog. "  When I ask clients what they need help with, this is one of the top responses I get... always. And I receive this reply from from business owners who seemingly have done everything right.  They have set up a self-hosted site. They blog consistently with [...]

Over the past year or so, the benefits of video for SEO have proven to be significant.  So it makes sense to want to add videos to your website. But more isn’t necessarily better, especially if you’re considering adding more than one video per page. Here are some things to consider regarding SEO video optimization. [...]

"How can Pinterest help my business?" I often get this question from business owners via email and while speaking at business networking events.  And my answer to most entrepreneurs is "Yes" Pinterest can help you increase traffic, leads and sales, but you need a clear and strategic Pinterest marketing plan tailored to your business. And [...]

  Looking for an ecommerce solutions comparison? You've come to the right place. There are so many things to think about when setting up your online store. From sourcing, manufacturing, photography, and content, you’ve really got your hands full. You need a top ecommerce platform solution that is powerful, complete, and offers your shoppers a [...]

Wondering how to become a motivational speaker? What does it take to really connect with your audience? And how can you truly give voice to your vision and clarify your message? Want to land that coveted TedTalk and get your message to the masses? Think about the last time you heard a motivational speaker and [...]

  Interior design marketing is never ending, isn’t it?! You do amazing work for a client, but then they are done for a while and you need to find your next job. While referrals are the best, you always have to be actively marketing to find that next ideal client. That’s one of the reasons [...]

There is almost nothing more satisfying than being a successful entrepreneur. Have you always loved creativity and beauty? Starting a jewelry business is a terrific way to feed your creative spirit -- and your family! But there is much more to starting a jewelry business than having a unique and amazing product. This is a [...]

Unique, statement jewelry is all the rage now, and I know that many creative entrepreneurs wonder how to start a jewelry business… the right way! The time has never been better. Not only is it an item that is completely on trend right now, but today’s marketplace is seemingly endless with the many ways that [...]

By now most small business owners realize that Pinterest is so much more than collecting recipes and planning parties, but aren't quite sure if it is worth exploring for their own business. With so many social media marketing channels, out there, it's often difficult to know which platform is going to actually show any real [...]

Content marketing is all the buzz these days. But I’ve talked to lots of entrepreneurs who are still struggling with how to begin creating a content marketing strategy. Or wondering why they even need a content marketing plan. First a quick definition: content marketing is really just what you’ve been doing all along: blog posts, guest posting, newsletters, [...]

I bet almost every single one of you is interested in how to find new customers. And the answer might surprise you. Is it better to find them online or offline? The answer is...both. Even though these days it seems that online is the place to be, sometimes you can have the most success when [...]

As business mogul Warren Buffett once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Most of us don’t have 20 years to build a reputation, but we sure know how it can be ruined in five minutes. So, what is the best way to handle brand reputation management? [...]

  Have you been questioning whether Facebook marketing tool myths exist? Can you no longer expect your posts to be seen in people’s news feeds? The truth is that it IS getting MUCH harder to be seen in the news feed, because Facebook’s algorithm has changed. They decided that people want to be on Facebook [...]

Facebook ads are one of my top 3 marketing tactics, and so I thought I’d share some Facebook marketing tips that have worked for my clients. I frequently have clients come to me and say they are frustrated with Facebook – typically they have spent a lot of money buying Facebook ads to promote “likes” [...]

Are you someone who yearns to leave the rigor of the corporate world? Increasingly, women are realizing that they can have a successful and fulfilling career that allows them to work for themselves. I frequently consult with women who are enjoying being their own boss and the accompanying perks, which include a flexible schedule, autonomy, [...]

  If you’re looking for a free keyword generator, you can always use the Google Keyword Planner.  But, if you want another option that provides many of the features paid tools do, my pick hands down is Jaaxy with its 30 searches for free offer. I now subscribe because I spend a big part of [...]

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