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Facebook Ads Manager vs Power Editor. You keep hearing these two terms coming up in Facebook marketing posts and discussions.  But what are the differences? What are the pros and cons of using each of these Facebook advertising platforms? Since Facebook's IPO, it seems the organic engagement you used to get with your Facebook business [...]

As a busy entrepreneur trying to juggle so many priorities, evaluating your marketing strategy can often fall by the wayside to more pressing matters. So often, I see a new small business owner who has a fabulous idea and a great business and marketing plan. But they’re missing the key ingredient that can make all [...]

What is LinkedIn and how does it work? Most small businesses and entrepreneurs I know are always looking for ways to connect with others who can help them – whether it’s providing advice, complementary services or even just camaraderie. One of the best places I’ve found to make those connections is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is like [...]

Okay, here there are: "The Top 10 Questions You MUST Ask Before Posting on Your Facebook Business Page." Do you find that your fans are seeing less and less of your content? It’s not your imagination! You have to fight harder for that news feed screen space than ever before! So it’s vital that your [...]

  How to get more customers – it’s what many entrepreneurs are thinking about all the time. The key for many businesses is to create a mix of strategies so you are reaching them both online and offline. But to do that, you have to figure out who that ideal client is – and where [...]

As an entrepreneur, it's often cost prohibitive to advertise on large sites or in publications. So here are some key tips on how to get media  attention for your business… for FREE!  Ready to have you or your product featured in the pages of a local newspaper, on the evening news or in a magazine or [...]

  Some of my favorite clients are women who are starting a business while they are working. You know what it’s like -- these women juggle family life (which often includes kids), with their “day job,” housework, extended family obligations – the list goes on. But for many of them, the motivation to be their own [...]

Do you read through the gift guides and shopping pages of magazines and think, “Why isn’t my product here?” So many women entrepreneurs I know will gaze longingly at that coverage and then write a press release and send it to hundreds of magazines. But I am here to tell you that is not the [...]

  Are you familiar with the Help A Reporter Out (HARO) website? It's a forum where reporters post queries about stories they need help with and connect with sources – hopefully you! According to the website, since its inception, HARO has published more than 75,000 journalist queries, facilitated nearly 7,500,000 media pitches, and marketed and [...]

So guess what stops most business ideas for women. At least based on my experience working with many, many women who are exploring different business ideas. When I ask many women what is stopping them from starting a business idea, I often hear the same thing over and over. And you may guess it's because [...]

  Houzz is growing like a house on fire! And many of home industry related professionals aren’t even aware how rapidly this online platform is growing and how powerful a tool it can be to increase their business. And this can be YOUR competitive edge. Because it’s not just for designers – a Houzz marketing [...]

Houzz is the “Pinterest” for interior design inspiration and home remodeling. It is quickly becoming the go-to social media platform for homeowners, decorators, contractors and other like-minded professionals. Now, you are probably thinking to yourself, “What?!? Another social network!” However, before you make any quick judgments, take a second to explore the opportunities available for [...]

I have shared before that the key to successful online business ideas for women is to take that first step – just get started. But then the next question is: how do you move from deciding you are a small business owner to getting that first customer? In other words, once you have hung out [...]

By now you may know that Houzz is the place to be for interior designers, but it is so much more. Houzz is a terrific platform for almost any home industry professional. It can seem intimidating with so many gorgeous rooms splashed on the site to know where to start to showcase your talent.  But if [...]

Many small business owners decide to put much of their marketing on hiatus in the summer. With smart summer marketing tips, you don’t have to let marketing take over your life. Because summer offers a golden opportunity to take advantage of a time that most are neglecting. Here are 9 ways your summer marketing can [...]

"How can Pinterest help my business?" I often get this question from business owners via email and while speaking at business networking events.  And my answer to most entrepreneurs is "Yes" Pinterest can help you increase traffic, leads and sales, but you need a clear and strategic Pinterest marketing plan tailored to your business. And [...]

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