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Did you know over 40% of online sales happen during the holiday season? If you're a small business owner marketing products or services, you know that many shoppers are starting earlier in their quest to find the right gift items – so you need to be ready for that extended shopping season with strategic key marketing [...]

  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – and that means your ideal customer is out shopping. With so many great options competing for shoppers’ time and money, you need to make sure that your marketing helps you be first on the list when they are checking it twice. Here are some ways to use [...]

  Santa’s Workshop doesn’t have anything on the prep that small business owners are going through to be ready for the holiday marketing rush! Many places have already decked the malls, which means it’s time for ecommerce companies to make their list and check it twice! Here are six things that you should be doing [...]

Tis the season for shopping, and small businesses need to be ready to capture sales – starting now! In fact, nearly one quarter (22%) of U.S. consumers report that they’ve already started their holiday shopping, according to Nielsen’s 2013 Holiday Spending Forecast. Make sure you’re conquering your share of the traffic. Here are some ideas [...]

The holidays aren’t here yet, but buying is in the air. A survey I saw on Volusion showed they were projecting a 20% increase in online holiday sales for small- to medium-sized online businesses. So how do you capitalize on all this traffic? Try some of my top holiday promotion ideas.   On the 1st [...]

Tis the season to get ready for the holiday hubbub – and ideally, increased sales for your business! Statistics show that the holiday shopping season can account for as much as 40 percent of a company's annual revenue....and sometimes even more if you're a small online business. But these sales are coming amid stiff competition. [...]

Looking for ways on how to increase holiday sales? Most retail businesses are fueled by the sales they make around holidays – from THE holiday to all the other holidays that make great gift-giving occasions. Whether you are exclusively online, a bricks-and-mortar, or a bricks and clicks, use your social media strategy to ensure you [...]

We all know that Pinterest can drive sales, but how exactly does this take place? Sometimes Pinterest can be so fun that we forget we have to have a solid business case for using this fast-growing and lucrative social network. I recently read an excellent post on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network that distilled [...]

As a small business entrepreneur, you may have focused the majority of your social media marketing efforts in recent years around the usual culprits such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There is, however, a bigger holiday shopping playing field you need to be taking advantage of. So listen up to this rundown of key [...]

Looking for a new way to get your home-design related products in front of your ideal customers? Between Pinterest and Facebook, you might feel like you have the market covered, but more and more I am steering my home design clients to focus their marketing efforts on how they can sell with Houzz. The reason is [...]

Before we get into the holiday rush, it’s the perfect time to slow down and take a moment for gratitude. Thanksgiving marketing ideas should revolve around the desire to show your customers how thankful you are for them. Here are six easy but impactful ways to show it: Reach out to your email community. I’m [...]

Are you pinning and pinning but don’t feel like you’re winning? Most small business entrepreneurs I work with have a presence on Pinterest, but they're often frustrated because they can't find a decent Pinterest marketing tool to help simplify their marketing efforts. There’s no doubt that a successful Pinterest presence can drive sales, but finding [...]

Whether you’re an interior designer focusing on modern, traditional or anything in between, here are six proven interior design marketing ideas that will introduce your business to your dream home design clients not only locally, but even nationally and internationally. Set up house on Houzz. My faithful readers know what a huge fan I am [...]

  The market continues to expand for both home design professionals and businesses with home design products -- and to stay in front of your competition you must have a plan and a focus marketing on Houzz the right way. Here are five reasons why I recommend every home design professional with either a service or a product, create [...]

The holidays are approaching, and there’s no better time to take advantage of social media network marketing Pinterest style. We all know that Pinterest is where lookers turn into buyers – the medium has exploded even since last season. A recent Forbes article shared how even though Pinterest isn’t even five years old, it is [...]

  Whether you’ve just launched your home business or have been building your clientele steadily for years, chances are good you’re always looking for new home business marketing ideas. Here are six ideas to put in place to end the year and begin the new one on a high note. Each of them can be tweaked [...]

Images continue to rule the web. One key image-driven platform for entrepreneurs continues to be Pinterest. So let's go over some key tactics on how to use Pinterest for small business. I love stats, so I thought I’d share a few with you from MarketingLand on this marketing powerhouse: The two largest age brackets of Pinterest [...]

You’ve heard the phrase “location, location, location” when talking about the importance of real estate? Just as companies want to ensure their storefront is easy to find, how to name a website is one of the most critical factors in your online success. You have to make sure people can find you virtually. A lot [...]

It’s no secret that Pinterest is the “place to be.” The numbers just keep climbing: Recent research reported that there are now 30 billion pins on Pinterest, with 750 million pinboards. But I find so many entrepreneurs think that it’s just a place to create brand awareness. The truth is that small businesses can benefit [...]

This may shock you – but Pinterest just got better! Hard to believe, given the incredible marketing powerhouse it already is, but get Pinterest analytics and you’ll be blown away by the new improvements the company just announced. These analytics offer an incredible amount of data on who your core influencers and most-avid pinners are. [...]

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