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There’s no question that Pinterest social media marketing is creating incredible opportunities for entrepreneurs - especially if you are selling the right lifestyle product online. Check out these incredible recent stats: Pinterest now has seventy million users who generate 2.5 billion monthly page views. And these visitors are not just browsing: they’re buying. Pinterest now generates over [...]

It's a great time to get a business off the ground because there is so much opportunity growing each and every day in this new economy. Check out these new business ideas for women that will allow you to find your perfect fit for the business where YOU can be successful offering a service that [...]

After talking with hundreds and hundreds of  entrepreneurs and small business owners over the years, I always notice their enthusiasm is both infectious and refreshing. I’ve also identified some key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs that I'd like to share that I believe are what make them successful. Here are my top five: They know their ideal client. [...]

We all know Instagram is growing like crazy, but it's not all just tweens and Katy Perry fans. Use Instagram for business the right way and you'll discover it's a great place to to not only increase your brand presence, but actually get your ideal clients to buy. Not just once, but over and over again. [...]

  As we head into new year, it’s time to revisit the goals you might have made sitting around waiting for the ball to drop on New Year’s Eve. In addition to your desire to get fit, eat more greens, etc., I bet you were setting business goals for yourself. But as you sit now [...]

We all know that Pinterest can drive sales, but how exactly does this take place? Sometimes Pinterest can be so fun that we forget we have to have a solid business case for using this fast-growing and lucrative social network. I recently read an excellent post on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network that distilled [...]

Reputations are difficult to build and easy to destroy – and that adage also applies to your brand. The reason entrepreneurs often struggle with building a brand strategy is that too often they are trying to compete using examples of how they are “better” than another brand. But there's a real problem with remaining focused [...]

How to start a successful business? It's a question on so many aspiring entrepreneurs' minds. Over the years, I have worked with countless clients who truly have a wonderful  idea for the ultimate business -- but they often don't have a real plan for success in place when I first meet with them. Many just [...]

The Houzz website is arguably one of the fastest-growing social networks on the web. Since they opened their Marketplace, everyone is wondering how to sell products on Houzz. Many savvy entrepreneurs want to take advantage of this huge opportunity – there are more than three million curated items being offered, and Houzz’ reach continues to [...]

As a small business entrepreneur, you may have focused the majority of your social media marketing efforts in recent years around the usual culprits such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There is, however, a bigger holiday shopping playing field you need to be taking advantage of. So listen up to this rundown of key [...]

Did you know over 40% of online sales happen during the holiday season? If you're a small business owner marketing products or services, you know that many shoppers are starting earlier in their quest to find the right gift items – so you need to be ready for that extended shopping season with strategic key marketing [...]

Looking for a new way to get your home-design related products in front of your ideal customers? Between Pinterest and Facebook, you might feel like you have the market covered, but more and more I am steering my home design clients to focus their marketing efforts on how they can sell with Houzz. The reason is [...]

Before we get into the holiday rush, it’s the perfect time to slow down and take a moment for gratitude. Thanksgiving marketing ideas should revolve around the desire to show your customers how thankful you are for them. Here are six easy but impactful ways to show it: Reach out to your email community. I’m [...]

Are you pinning and pinning but don’t feel like you’re winning? Most small business entrepreneurs I work with have a presence on Pinterest, but they're often frustrated because they can't find a decent Pinterest marketing tool to help simplify their marketing efforts. There’s no doubt that a successful Pinterest presence can drive sales, but finding [...]

Whether you’re an interior designer focusing on modern, traditional or anything in between, here are six proven interior design marketing ideas that will introduce your business to your dream home design clients not only locally, but even nationally and internationally. Set up house on Houzz. My faithful readers know what a huge fan I am [...]

  The market continues to expand for both home design professionals and businesses with home design products -- and to stay in front of your competition you must have a plan and a focus marketing on Houzz the right way. Here are five reasons why I recommend every home design professional with either a service or a product, create [...]

The holidays are approaching, and there’s no better time to take advantage of social media network marketing Pinterest style. We all know that Pinterest is where lookers turn into buyers – the medium has exploded even since last season. A recent Forbes article shared how even though Pinterest isn’t even five years old, it is [...]

  Whether you’ve just launched your home business or have been building your clientele steadily for years, chances are good you’re always looking for new home business marketing ideas. Here are six ideas to put in place to end the year and begin the new one on a high note. Each of them can be tweaked [...]

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